Community Benefits

The Strand Theater has already begun to foster a wide range of economic and community benefits, not only to Zelienople, but the entire North Pittsburgh region. Where once a decaying eyesore once stood, the renovated theater has now beautified Zelienople’s Main Street with its colorful marquee and distinctive facade. The original ticket booth still stands, fully restored, in the same place it has stood since 1914.

The project has injected hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local economy in the first phase of construction alone, and two more phases of work are in the planning stages. Theater patrons provide a boost to other local businesses in the borough. Recent studies have shown that cultural tourists spend an average of $23 over and above the ticket price. Based on that statistic, The Strand has already contributed over $200,000 to the local economy since it reopened in July of 2009.

Zelienople now hosts a cultural jewel from which the entire north Pittsburgh region will benefit. The Initiative’s non-profit status and civic-minded Mission Statement mean that the performing arts will be more accessible to mainstream audiences.

Other charities benefit from having access to The Strand to support their mission goals and objectives. Several benefit concerts and programs have been presented, raising money for local initiatives and global needs. Underprivileged and disadvantaged groups will have free or deeply discounted access to professional-level performing arts.

The Strand will provide an outlet for Youth-oriented and public education groups to learn about the theater arts.
The Strand Theater Initiative has been created for the sole purpose of creating a professional-level performing arts center from a local eyesore that had been abandoned for nearly two decades. It is the sincere hope that you will financially support this initiative as it continues to operate in its current capacity while raising the millions needed for the next two phases of the renovation. In turn, an entire region will benefit from a cultural jewel that will provide entertainment, education, and community outreach.