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Why convert The Strand Theater, a dilapidated old building, into a performing arts center?


Despite explosive growth, there is very little the North Pittsburgh region has to offer its residents in terms of cultural attractions and programming


There is a wealth of untapped theatrical talent available to the Pittsburgh market that does not have an appropriate venue in which to perform. Therefore, the market misses out on unique opportunities that only a small, intimate theater setting could provide.


Converting The Strand into a cultural center provides a significant boost to local businesses and economy. Local restaurants, retailers and hospitality providers have benefitted immensely from consumers interested in enjoying a live theater experience.  On average, theater patrons spend $23 over and above the ticket price at businesses near the theater.

The Strand’s history is tied closely to generations of residents whose families still live in the area. Creating a performing arts center provides a service to the community while preserving the building and the heritage of this unique borough.


While The Strand Theater had been closed for nearly twenty-five years, anecdotal evidence and market surveys demonstrate that the building still holds a high degree of interest and value by local residents.


The Strand Theater Initiative applies the classic key to business success, “Find a need and fill it”. The Strand Theater gives patrons an alternative to driving to downtown Pittsburgh for dinner and a show, while providing an outstanding venue for professional performing artists who require a small, intimate setting.  Additionally, rural communities that dot the region will now have access to professional theater arts.

 Last Update: 04/21/17


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