Living Dead Weekend Double Feature



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Living Dead Weekend Double Feature – Day of the Dead & Knightriders
Saturday Only! October 21 - 1st Feature Starts 8:30pm
The Strand and The Living Dead Weekend Festival Partner Again to Bring You a Double Bill of George Romero Classics

The Living Dead Weekend in Evans City has partnered with The Strand once more to present the film programming portion of their weekend festival salute to George Romero.

Day of the Dead was Romero's planned final film of the original 'Dead' Trilogy, Night of the Living Dead (1968), Dawn of the Dead (1978) and Day of the Dead (1985).  Each film shows the progressive collapse of society as the undead grow in numbers and overrun major population centers.  Day of the Dead follows a group of survivors holed up in a military bunker as zombies roam the surface by the tens of thousands.

Knightriders was one of Romero's non-horror offerings.  While more obscure than other films in his library, it stars a young Ed Harris and features many actors and crew that Romero enjoyed using in other films.  A medieval reenactment troupe finds it increasingly difficult to keep their family-like group together, with pressure from local law enforcement, interest from entertainment agents and a growing sense of delusion from their leader.

Fans of both films will enjoy meeting several of the original cast members, plus a Q&A on both movies which will be held prior to the screening of the first feature.

If you'd like more information about The Living Dead Weekend in Evans City, CLICK HERE.  
Saturday Only!  October 21st.  Cast Q&A starts at 8:30pm, followed by the first feature, Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead 1978 runtime 1 Hour 36 min
Knightriders 1981 runtime 2 hours 26 min

Both films rated fated 'R' |  Under 17 not admitted without accompanying parent or guardian.  Sorry, no exceptions.