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Friday The 13th
On Friday, The 13th Only!  10:15pm
Starring  Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King & Jeannine Taylor 


A group of camp counselors are stalked and murdered by an unknown assailant while trying to reopen a summer camp which, years before, was the site of a child's drowning.


The Strand's 'Horror Crew' has decided to expand its horizons a bit to celebrate one of the granddaddys of the 'slasher' genre on the actual date of its title!


While the timeline of the film takes place on June 13, 1958 and June 13, 1979, it was, in fact, released on May 9, 1980.  Also, the film claims that June 13, 1958 and June 13, 1979 fall on a Friday.  But a quick web search shows that June 13, 1958 did fall on a Friday, but June 13, 1979 was a Wednesday.


The movie was filmed at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in New Jersey. The camp is still in operation, and it has a wall of Friday the 13th paraphernalia to honor that the movie was set there.


Tom Savini was one of the first crew members on board for the film, because the producers idolized his special make-up effects in Dawn of the Dead (1978).


While most of the cast and crew stayed at local hotels during the filming, some of the loyal cast and crew members, including Tom Savini, and Taso N. Stavrakis, stayed at the actual camp site. They had Savini's Betamax VCR and only a couple of movies, Barbarella (1968) and Marathon Man (1976), on videotape to keep themselves entertained, so each night they would watch one of these movies. To this day, Savini says he can recite those movies by heart. 


Betsy Palmer said that if it were not for the fact that she was in desperate need of a new car, she would never have accepted the role of Pamela Voorhees. In fact, after she read the script, she called the movie "a piece of (excrement)". Over the years, however, Palmer warmed up to it, as it made her more famous than infamous, and she even made appearances at conventions and in documentaries to discuss it.


The original plan was for the character of Alice to be a reoccurring hero in this series, continually facing off against Jason again and again in sequel after sequel, similar to Laurie Strode , the recurring hero in the Halloween series. But after Adrienne King was stalked by a Friday the 13th fan during the release of the original film, she said she wanted out. Her character was killed off at the beginning of the sequel.


1980 Rated 'R' | Under 17 not admitted without accompanying parent or guardian.  Sorry, No Exceptions | Runtime 2 hours 16 minutes


Friday Only!  October 13th  10:15pm