Wizard of OZ



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Wizard of OZ
Sunday Only! April 29   4:00 pm
Starring Judy Garland, Frank Morgan & Ray Bolger


Relive the magic and imagination of this Golden Hollywood Classic, back on The Strand's 25' screen in 45 speaker surround-sound! 

Dorothy Gale is swept away from a farm in Kansas to a magical land of Oz in a tornado and embarks on a quest with her new friends to see the Wizard who can help her return home, and help her friends as well.

When the wardrobe department was looking for a coat for Frank Morgan (Prof. Marvel / The Wizard), it decided it wanted one that looked like it had once been elegant but had since "gone to seed." They visited a second-hand store and purchased an entire rack of coats, from which the head of the wardrobe department, Morgan and director Victor Flemingchose one they felt gave off the perfect appearance of "shabby gentility." One day, while he was on set in the coat, Morgan idly turned out one of the pockets and discovered a label indicating that the coat had been made for L. Frank Baum. Mary Mayer, a unit publicist for the film, contacted the tailor and Baum's widow, who both verified that the coat had at one time been owned by the author of the original Wizard of Oz books. After the filming was completed, the coat was presented to Mrs. Baum.

As an added nod to this incredible bit of coincidence, James Franco, playing Oz in the prequel film, Oz, The Great & Powerful, makes a reference to his 'shabby coat' early on in that film.
Sunday Matinee, April 29  4:00 pm

"Over the Rainbow" was nearly cut from the film; MGM felt that it made the Kansas sequence too long, as well as being too far over the heads of the children for whom it was intended. The studio also thought that it was degrading for 
Judy Garland to sing in a barnyard. A reprise of the song was cut: Dorothy sang it to remember Kansas while imprisoned in the Witch's castle. Garland began to cry, along with the crew, because the song was so sad.

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1939 Unrated | Runtime 1 hour 45 minutes