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Stranded in Zelie: The Series
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Back on April 11, when everyone thought the lock-downs would only be a couple weeks, we presented our first-ever live-streamed concert, Stranded in Zelie. It was a lot of fun, and we helped to raise money for the artists that were among the first to impacted by the shut-down, and the charitable Strand Theater. We had no plans to do another one because, 'in a few weeks', we'd be welcoming you back to The Strand for our signature live shows.


Best laid plans....


But Stranded in Zelie was great fun! Not only did the show generate over 1,500 views, we got lots of questions as to when the next one would happen?  'What?'...'What 'next' one'....?!


Well, how about an ongoing series?! The Strand proudly announces STRANDED IN ZELIE: THE SERIES! Inspired by the original, but with new ideas and fresh material, Stranded in Zelie: The Series will showcase many of The Strand's top talent and fan favorites you would expect. But this show will have all of that and much more!

Stranded In Zelie featured delightful dance numbers and socially distant duets along with COVID humor and rousing Broadway & Pop Music numbers.  Stranded in Zelie: The Series will feature similar performances along with comedy sketches a la 'Saturday Night Live'......except funny.


Not only will it feature show-stopping music and dance, viewers will enjoy guest musicians and comedy sketches. Think 'Saturday Night Live' but actually funny!


What's more, this is the kind of show that can be streamed live, right to your favorite device. But, when we're allowed to have live shows back at The Strand, we can produce it live and in-person, in our intimate space for our cherished Strand audiences!


Stranded In Zelie: The Series premiers on Wednesday, September 30 at 7pm.  You can expect new episodes..............well...........whenever we get around to it!   

Original Live Broadcast Was Saturday, September 30, and is Now Available to Watch 24/7 FOR FREE.  Click the Virtual Ticket button above left sidebar.
Wednesday ONLY!
September 30 7pm

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