$15 Reserve Seating


$10 Kids Under 12


Box Office Opens 2 Hour before Showtime

House Opens 30 minutes before Showtime

Squawk! The Amazing Bird Show

September 8 Sunday Only!  3pm & 7pm

The Strand Announces Our Most Feather-Brained Show To Date!



Magnificent Macaws! Amazing Amazons! An Incredible Conure! and One Kooky Cockatoo!


DIRECT FROM LAS VEGAS!  You read that right, we even import our most fowl programs from Vegas!  Squawk the Show is unlike any bird show you may have seen before. These feathered professionals have more going for them than just their good looks. No boring lectures here, these birds will amaze you with their unusual talents such as painting, mind reading, performing card tricks, solving math problems and so much more. The show is quick-paced, written for adults and loved by all ages.


What other show can you see in which the birds answer questions, do impressions of other animals, solve math problems and even roller skate?!


Everyone loves animal acts, young and old alike.  Pet lovers are everywhere!  And in the up-close space of The Strand, there's no better way to experience a show like this.  This is a family show that's fun for all ages!


Not only are these feathered friends talented, they're Media Darlings!  SQUAWK has appeared on America's Got Talent, The Late Show with David Letterman and Animal Planet's Petstar, just to name a few



"The most intelligent animal act I've ever seen. They're incredible!"- Piers Morgan, America's Got Talent


"Can you imagine Parrots solving math problems, doing impressions of other animals, reading minds and playing black jack? These birds are amazing!" - Las Vegas Review Journal


"This show is a "must see" for anyone who loves animals and their pets!" - Associated Press


SQUAWK is on tour, and they are making an EXCLUSIVE stop at The Strand Theater, their ONLY Pittsburgh are appearance.  If you're an animal lover, or just want to experience a fun and intelligent act in the up-close-&- personal 

setting of The Strand Theater, this is the show for you!  Don't miss this FAMILY - FRIENDLY program that's fun for all ages!

September 8 at 3pm & 7pm