Raiders Of Ther Lost Ark




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Raiders Of Ther Lost Ark
Saturday ONLY, July 24
Starring Harrison Ford, Karen Allen & Paul Freeman

See the groundbreaking original Indiana Jones adventure that made a household name of Harrison Ford back on the Big Screen with our All-New 33% brighter projector in true HD and enhanced digital surround-sound.

In the original Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones is tasked with beating Hitler in finding the mythical lost Ark of the Covenant.

Although this film made a star out of Harrison Ford, the iconic role of Indiana Jones almost went to Tom Selleck, but Selleck couldn't accept it because he was locked into a contract for the Magnum PI TV series.

Freeze-framing during the Well of Souls scene, you can notice a golden pillar with a tiny engraving of R2-D2 and C-3PO from the Star Wars saga. They are also on the wall behind Indy when they first approach the Ark.

Indy's line to Marion when they are on the ship ("It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage") was ad-libbed by Harrison Ford.

During filming in Tunisia, nearly everyone in the cast and crew got sick except director Steven Spielberg. It is thought that he avoided illness by eating only the food he'd brought with him: a lot of cans of Spaghetti-O's.

The out-of-control airplane actually ran over Harrison Ford's knee, tearing a ligament in his left leg. Lucky for him, the heat had turned the rubber tire's soft, so it did not crush the bone. Rather than submit to Tunisian health care, Ford had his knee wrapped in ice and carried on.

Saturday Only, July 24  7:30pm

1981 Rated PG | 1 Hr, 55 Min


Pick Your Favorite or See All Three 'Indy' Films for

Just $11 with our Indiana Jones Combo Pack

with Temple of Doom on Sunday, August 15  2pm

and The Last Crusade on Saturday, August 28  7:30pm