$5 General Admission

$4 Seniors 60+


Box Office Opens 1 Hour before Showtime

House Opens 30 minutes before Showtime

Friday - Sunday, July 7 - 9
Starring Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfus & Robert Shaw


Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the movies, the film that came to define 'summer blockbuster' returns to The Strand for another bite!


A giant great white shark arrives on the shores of a New England beach resort and wreaks havoc with bloody attacks on swimmers, until a local sheriff teams up with a marine biologist and an old seafarer to hunt the monster down.


Director Steven Spielberg received rave reviews for his handling of the shark attacks and his seeming intent to keep the deadly animal off-camera as much as possible, building on the suspense during the course of the film.  In fact, this was not his intent.  It turned out the mechanical shark, named Bruce by the company that built it, which was to be used for most of the scenes, was so often unusable due to breakdowns, Spielberg decided to film many of these scenes from the perspective of the shark.  The effect worked and JAWS, to this day, is considered one of the greatest thrillers ever made.


According to writer, Carl Gottlieb, the famous line uttered by Roy Scheider's character, "You're gonna need a bigger boat", was ad-libbed by the actor.


Three mechanical "Bruces" were made, each with specialized functions. One shark was open on the right side, one was open on the left side, and the third was fully skinned. Each shark cost approximately $250,000.  However, because of the incessant breakdowns, the director and cast referred to "Bruce" more often than not as 'The Great White Turd'. 


1975 Rated PG (but would easily garner at PG-13 by today's standards, parents strongly cautioned) | Runtime 2 hours 4 minutes


Friday & Saturday, July 7 & 8  7:30pm

Sunday Matinee, July 9  4:00pm