Gridiron Glory Weekend


Fri, Jan 29  7:30pm


Sat, Jan 30  7:30pm



Sun, Jan 31  2pm 



$5 General Admission

$4 Seniors 60+



for the Gridirion Glory Weekend!

Combo Pack

All 3 movies

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Box Office Opens 1 Hour before Showtime

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Gridiron Glory Weekend
Friday - Sunday, January 29 - 31
Enjoy Three Inspiring Football Films, Each Based on a True Story, Over One Glorious Weekend!

Through a special licensing arrangement with
Cineburgh, The Strand proudly presents three inspiring films, each based on a true story in which the gridiron is the backdrop for the tale.

Rudy tells the story of Daniel E., 'Rudy' Ruettiger, a football player deemed to be too small to be considered to play at the college level. Still, he is determined to overcome all odds to achieve his dream of playing for Notre Dame.

In real life, Dan Devine was very supportive of Rudy and elected to put him in the game on his own. Because Devine considered Rudy a friend, he volunteered to be portrayed as a villain in order to get the film greenlit.

Remember the Titans is based on the The true story of a newly appointed African-American Coach (Denzel Washington) & his high school team on their first season as a racially integrated unit.

This film is made more accessible to non-fans of football by careful music editing. Whenever the Titans complete a key play, or turn the game in their favor, the music changes to upbeat rock.

Invincible is based on the real life story of Vince Papala (Mark Wahlberg) a 30 year old bartender from South Philadelphia who overcame long odds to play for the Eagles in 1976.

In November of 2002, NFL Films showed Vince Papale's story on ESPN during Monday Night Football. It was part of a special to commemorate the 26th anniversary of Rocky (1976). The four minute piece about Vince captured the attention of Hollywood, and soon a film was in the works.

Pick your favorite or attend all three for one low price! Just $11!That's right! See all 3 of these inspiring true stories for WAY less the price of a single beer at the studium!

Rudy (1993) PG | 1 Hr 54 min
Friday, January 29  7:30pm

Remember The Titans (2000) PG | 1 Hr 53 min
Saturday, January 30  7:30pm

Invincible (2006) PG-13 | 1 Hr 45 min
Sunday Matinee, January 31  2pm

Pick your favorite or see all 3 for
JUST $11. CLICK HERE for our Grifidiron Glory Weekend Combo Pack