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Sunday ONLY! June 20
Starring John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John & Stockard Channing

Grease is the word! Experience the blockbuster that made superstars of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, back on the Big Screen in digital surround-sound!

Good girl Sandy Olsson and greaser Danny Zuko fell in love over the summer. When they unexpectedly discover they're now in the same high school, will they be able to rekindle their romance?

Jeff Conaway (Kenickie) was so infatuated with Olivia Newton-John he was tongue-tied whenever she was around. He later married Olivia's sister, Rona Newton-John.

The dance contest was filmed during the summer when the school was closed. The gym had no air conditioning and the doors had to be kept closed to control lighting, so the building became stifling hot. On more than one occasion, an extra had to be taken out due to heat-related illness.

Rizzo's hickeys were real. Stockard Channing said in an interview that Jeff Conaway insisted on applying them himself.

Hopelessly Devoted to You was written and recorded after the movie had wrapped. Olivia Newton-John's contract for Grease stipulated that she should have a solo song. However, nobody had any ideas for a song for her character, Sandy, until Olivia's producer John Farrar came up with Hopelessly Devoted To You halfway through the shoot. Director Randal Kleiser wasn't wholly convinced by the song at first and had to come up with an entirely new scene to fit it in. It was eventually filmed and recorded after the movie had wrapped and it earned the film's only Oscar nomination.

Sunday ONLY, June 20  2pm

1978 Rated PG | Runtime 1 Hr, 47 Min