Field of Dreams




$5 General Admission

$4 Seniors 60+


Box Office Opens 1 Hour before Showtime

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Field of Dreams
Sunday Only! August 27   4:00pm
Starring Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta and Amy Madigan
An Iowa corn farmer (Costner), hearing voices, interprets them as a command to build a baseball diamond in his fields; he does, and the Chicago White Sox, including Shoeless Joe Jackson come.

Don't miss the beloved contemporary classic back on the Big Screen for one day only!  Kevin Costner practically built a career from starring in endearing baseball films that not only celebrate our national pastime, but the colorful characters that rise - and fall - from it.  Costner's most celebrated films include Field of Dreams, Bull Durham (1988) and For The Love of the Game (1999).

The studio built the baseball diamond on an actual farm in Dyersville, Iowa. After the filming was completed, the family owning the farm kept the field, and added a small hut where you could buy inexpensive souvenirs. As of 2012, visitors were free to come to the field and play baseball as they pleased.

The shot of the line-drive knocking over the bag of baseballs next to Kevin Costner was sheer luck off the bat of Ray Liotta.

This was the last cinematic film of Burt Lancaster. He was seventy-four at the time of filming.  Lancaster was unaware that Timothy Busfield was part of the cast, and had him fetching water and chairs, before realizing Busfield was going to be in the scene with him.

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson made remarks about Ty Cobb's desire to play at the Iowa corn field diamond, "But none of us could stand the son-of-a-bitch when he was alive, so we told him to stick it!" In real-life, both players were very close friends. In Jackson's later life, when he ran a liquor store in South Carolina, Cobb stopped there to buy bourbon. During the sale, Jackson made no sign of recognition to Cobb, until Cobb finally said, "For God's sakes, Joe, don't you remember me?" Jackson somberly replied, "Well, sure, I remember you, Ty. I just didn't think anyone wanted to remember me anymore."

1989 Rated PG  |  Runtime 1 hours 47 minutes

Sunday ONLY!  August 27  4:00pm