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Miss Congeniality - Chick Flick Wednesday
Wed ONLY!  April 14  7:30  |  Cocktail Social starts at 7:00
Starring Sandra Bullock, Michael Caine & Benjamin Bratt


It's Chick Flick Wednesday at The Strand!  Join us for a cocktail social starting at 7:00pm, followed by a great 'Chick Flick' at 7:30pm


Sandra Bullock is sensational as an FBI Agent assigned to go undercover at a Beauty Pageant in order to prevent a terrorist group from bombing the event.


Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt did all of their own fighting throughout the movie. Stunt doubles were brought in, but only to make sure they were using proper form. At one point, Bullock accidentally injured Bratt when she had to kick him in the calves after he said, "Yes, you have to wear the bathing suit."


The scene with Gracie (Bullock) coming home after the mission in the restaurant was only scripted as "Gracie comes home and starts boxing." The rest (tripping, kicking the bed, microwave oven) was ad-libbed.


At the opening premiere of the movie, when Sandra Bullock got out of her car, she actually did trip and fall down just like her character does a few times in the movie. After watching the movie, many attendants thought Bullock actually staged her tripping out of her car.


This entire premise of a beautiful government agent undercover in a beauty pageant is a revisited 1970's TV trope from The Bionic Woman: Bionic Beauty (1976), which would later be reprised with Wonder Woman: Beauty on Parade (1976) and, a year later, in Charlie's Angels: Pretty Angels All in a Row (1977).


Wednesday ONLY, March 10   7:30pm


Cocktail Social Starts at 7:00pm

2000  Rated PG-13 | Runtime 1 hours 49 min