Silver Lining A 2020 Retrospective




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Silver Lining: Unraveling the Year That Was 2020
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This Retrospective is Our Gift to You for Your Support!


Some have called it the longest year on record. Others have said, "2020 was a tough 'decade', but we got through it!"

There really wasn't much to celebrate in 2020..........or was there?

At The Strand, we always strive to find the light even in the darkest moments.  In a year that saw nationwide shut-downs and ongoing state-mandated restrictions that decimated the performance art industry, something unexpected happened.



Like many struggling venues, the staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to find ways to keep the lights on and remain relevant in the hearts and minds of the audiences that have come to love The Strand for its intimate space, excellent acoustics and outstanding performances.


The original Stranded in Zelie was to be a one-time benefit concert that featured fan-favorites like Jeremy Czarniak & Michael Marra, and the international singing group, The Cetlic Tenors. Eight more productions later, it turned out that 2020 was a pretty good year, virtually speaking.


What began with a single virtual concert to raise money for the theater and the artists that suddenly found themselves out of work turned into NINE virtual productions! The programming was as wide and varied as the live shows that The Strand had become famous for!


From Broadway and regional talent, to Nashville songwriters, to top-shelf student performers, to artists that appeared on all three of the major network TV talent competitions, The Strand's slate of virtual shows turned out to be something really special.

Clockwise from top left, The Sazerac Players from Stranded in Zelie: The Series, the cast of Shows in the Attic, Nashville songwriter Conrad Fisher from Radio Free Espy, The Voice's Chris Jamison from Christmas with Chris, Jeremy Czarniak & Kelly Marra from Stranded in Zelie: The Series and the cast of A Very Zelie Christmas.

That's why we created SILVER LINING, to shed the light on a year that was pretty dark and cloudy otherwise.  We hope that you enjoy this FREE broadcast that showcases segments from each of our virtual productions, including terrific music, hysterical comedy routines and lively dance numbers, all designed to make your day just a little bit brighter and a little more joyful!

SILVER LINING: Unraveling the Year That Was 2020 is our gift to you, our supportive audience. Thank you for staying with us, for donating, for returning refund checks, and for writing to us and posting on social media about how you can't wait to get back to The Strand to enjoy the immense talent that we bring to Main Street! It all means so much more than you can know!

We're not out of the woods yet. Currently, we're still permitted to operate at only 10% of our total occupancy. However, an encouraging statistic was announced recently that, according to the CDC, the U.S. has already administered more COVID vaccines than the total population infected since the outbreak began. Hopefully soon, we'll be able welcome you back through our bright red doors to enjoy the kind of live, professional theater that you've come to know us for.