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Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire | Jun 21&23

June 21 / 7:30 pm & June 23 / 2:00 pm

Starring Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry and Dan Stevens

See the next epic chapter in the Legendary Film’s ‘Monsterverse’ as it was meant to be seen; on our enormous 30′ screen in true digital HD and 39 speaker surround-sound!

Godzilla and Kong must set aside their differences to face a new global threat that, alone, neither can overcome, even as scientists unravel their intertwined origins and connection to Skull Island’s mysteries.

Godzilla’s new design here has purple/pink-colored plates akin to the MireGoji design from Godzilla 2000 (1999) and Godzilla vs. Megaguirus (2000) and a pink atomic breath akin to the violet one from Shin Godzilla (2016). Creature designer Jared Krichevsky also cited the plates from the Godzilla Ultima design from Godzilla Singular Point (2021) as direct inspiration.

For Godzilla and Kong’s new looks, Director Adam Wingard revealed: “Very specifically in the last film, I wanted Godzilla to have a continuity, to look the way that he had in King of the Monsters and the Godzilla. But then, I didn’t get a chance at doing my version of Godzilla. So I wanted to do different things with the spines and try different colors. I didn’t want it to just be random; it’s part of the story. And similarly, with Kong, I wanted to give him some sort of new look as well. We grew his beard out, and gave him a little bit more grey hair and stuff.”

The image used for the blueprint of the B.E.A.S.T. Glove (Bio Enhanced Anatomech Seismic Thunder) is the arm of the Pacific Rim (2013) jaeger, Gipsy Danger.

The film releases in 2024 exactly 10 years after the release of Godzilla (2014), the film that launched the entire franchise. Likewise 2024 marks the 70th anniversary of the Godzilla franchise overall.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Friday, June 21 7:30pm

Sunday, June 23 2:00pm

2024 | Rated PG-13 | 1 Hr, 55 Min

$5 General Admission; $4 Seniors 65+

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